Tuesday, January 6, 2015

New Goodies from Nat's Desk! Ponytails Designs New Releases

Cold hands, a double-double, and some news... sounds like a typical Canadian morning doesn't it? Nat often hits her local Tim Horton's as she runs out to do errands, and if she's lucky she has time to sit and read a newspaper (or check Facebook on her phone, as the case may be!) But that's not what we're talking about today! ponytails_chwh_desk   ponytails_blog BNP 
 First off, Natasha has a new kit to show you, which is part of this month's Bits and Pieces at SNP. Cold Hands, Warm Hearts... it's a saying many of us have heard as long as we can remember. It great because it evokes the fun of the snowy season! We build snowmen, have snowball fights, or dig tunnels through the snow. We wear mittens, scarves, and hats lovingly knitted by moms and grannies that keep us warm in our adventures. Grab hold of the fun with Cold Hands Warm Hearts! There's still time to grab the parts while they're $1 a piece! (Images are linked. Full kit will be available Jan. 8th)
  ponytails_chwh_elementsponytails_chwh_papers ponytails_chwh_alpha ponytails_chwh_wordart   ponytails_blog ct inspiration _prev   ponytails_blog BUFFET 
 Next up is a set of double page templates created for the GS Buffet. Double Double Vol. 1 features spots for big photos and a whole lot of little ones... or use journal cards instead, as you'll be able to see in some of the examples below. ponytails_doubledouble1 ponytails_blog ct inspiration ponytails_DoubleDouble1_CT   ponytails_blog did you know 
 And now for the exciting news! Nat is doing a three month guest spot at Gotta Pixel! How awesome is that? Her entire shop is on sale at 50% off until the 15th of January. ponytails_GPannouncement

Monday, December 29, 2014

Seasonally New Release by Janece Suarez Designs

December mini that should take you through your treasured memories of the year. 

Happy Scrapping and "Seasonally" yours! 

Click on the preview to download. 

Monday, December 22, 2014

New Release: Delicate Memories by Janece Suarez Designs

Happy holidays Y'all!!

 I know that I haven't actually posted anything in a long while for/from myself. I do apologize. My daughter has been quite ill for the past few months. I had my latest mini ready before then but didn't have it packaged, and my website was acting up. I just said, "Oh Bother!" with the mess and focused on my baby girl. She's not really a baby, but she's the only daughter we have, and she has plenty of mental and learning disorders, so the hospital stay wasn't the most fun we have had. She's now on her second medication. It's for maintenance so she is doing better. Yay!

I was also diagnosed with a heart condition in the middle of the rest of our stressful issues, and did my own bit of time in the hospital. So while I may of have a lot of things in my head, designing hasn't been one of them, I am sad to say. Designing lifts my spirits and frees my soul and in all honestly, I have either been completely exhausted from caring for my daughter or completely exhausted from trying new medications for myself. I've done a lot of round the clock nursing interspersed by falling in bed and sleeping like a rock. It's been hard.

So here is your "Delicate Memories" mini. It seems like we always come across a few during the holidays. Someone we miss, something very precious that we received as a gift, just something that makes our eyes glisten with unshed tears, and cause us to laugh and dash them away with the back of a hand after a moment. Treasure those memories, those moments. Someday, no one will know why that photograph or that tea cup, or the scent of the wreath made you remember something so dear  that you nearly cried and did laugh.

I'm working on another mini, to hopefully join this one in a few days.

 Happy holidays, friends, and happy scrapping!

Friday, October 17, 2014

Ponytails Designs' Wandering is an Expression of Journey

Sometimes you need a change of scenery to gain a new perspective on a situation. Or sometimes you just need a change of mind or heart. We all have our moments of searching or yearning for something new, better, or different. "Wandering" helps you express some of those thoughts and feelings in a fun and original way. Think of it like a journey of self-discovery! Or maybe you don't need to dig deep and you just want to create a page about a hiking trip or nature trail... Wandering works just fine for that too! With fun themed elements, along with wordy bits that help express your thoughts, you'll have a variety of ways to scrap your pages. You're only limited by your imagination! Wandering is 30% off this week! 

Friday, October 10, 2014

Ponytails Designs Speak Up Bundle Plus a Freebie!!

Don't you just hate it when you're scrapping with a kit and there isn't any word art to go with it? Fix that problem by creating some of your own! These templates will help you whip up some perfectly coordinated word art in no time at all. Scrappers can use papers and elements from the kit they're working with. Designers can create some of their own word art to put in their kits. Easy peasy! Speak Up word art templates are available in Circles or Flags or available as a Bundle for your convenience. As always, new releases are 30% for the first week!


Finally, here is a freebie from me using Speak Up - Circles as well as Ponytail's Design's latest kit, Witches Brew.

Have a great weekend and happy scrapping! 

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Next Designer Contest Round Two!

Round 2 Voting for the Studio's NDC is up!

I love those slow mornings where the sun and the clouds dance a bit. You might read the paper while pounding in your pjs or sip your favorite morning beverage after a very brief sojourn into the backyard to grab some flowers to nestle into an old bottle you found in your cupboard that will give the  table a bit of a happy glow. Just relax. You don't have any plans this morning anyway. 

That's the theme of my mini-kit this round. It's called "Slow Morning". 

Are you ready to vote again? Go -> HERE <- and vote for Jsuarez "Slow Morning" mini,  PLEASE? You also get 4 other votes. 

Then you can go to the gallery to download my mini plus a ton of others! Freebie frenzy, AND they are all gorgeous!!  GALLERY LINK

Also if you want to head over to my Facebook page, I made a coordinating fan freebie as well. 

I feel like I am really challenging myself with this contest! I'm enjoying it, and I LOVE being about to give so many pretty things away and share where there are so many more!

So, again, please vote for me, Jsuarez "Slow Morning" mini kit 
and Happy Scrapping! 

Friday, September 19, 2014

I'm Being Challenged at theStudio's Next Designer Contest

What does that mean? FREE goodies for YOU! 

theStudios is doing their Next Designer Challenge for 2014 and I am participating. It's 2 weeks, 3 rounds of hard core designing by this gal. Round 1 is done except for the voting and the fun part. 

The fun part is telling you where to get the free mini that I made! 
In exchange I am asking you if you would please vote for my mini while you are there. I mean...you will already be there downloading it anyway. :) 

Here are the details. 

If you aren't a registered member of theStudio, sign up!! It's free and easy.
Go to the forum: Then to: theStudio > theStudio Events > Birthday Bash 2014 Next Designer Contest 2014

My username is jsuarez, the kit is Timeless Love. 

Here is the preview and the link to the gallery. 

Since you guys rock, here is an extra goody. A cluster I made from some of the elements in the mini! 

THANK YOU for your vote and enjoy the mini!

Happy scrapping!!